Speak_ Up - New Podcast Launch

We're excited to announce the launch of our first podcast - Speak_ Up! 🚀

Our mission is to help every job candidate perform their best in interviews and find their perfect role in tech. One way we work towards that mission is to give candidates access to information they might not find in their personal network. That's what this new podcast is all about.

When we asked our community what they want to hear in our podcast, on the top of the request list was stories from other candidates going through the same experience of trying to find their first or next job in tech. Well, that's exactly what we've delivered in the inaugural episode.

To kick off the show, we've feature the stories of two software engineers who had their job offers rescinded from crypto powerhouse Coinbase. We'll share another blog post soon with all the gems from this episode, but don't wait - listen to it now!

Here's where you can subscribe to the podcast.

Watch the video version on Youtube.
Official audio podcast page.
Listen on Spotify.
Listen on Apple Podcasts.

We'll be sharing a few past live community events next, so stay tuned for more soon. 🍿