Increase your interview-to-hire ratio and your diversity numbers.

89% of underrepresented talent is rejected at the top of the hiring funnel. We deliver pre-qualified tech talent ready for your interview process.

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Over 500 candidates placed

Interview prep program

Add a new, inclusive stage to your hiring pipeline by inviting candidates to prepare for your interview process with a branded, fully-managed online program.


Candidates engage with role-specific educational content including courses, coding challenges, videos, and articles.


Candidates can chat with a cohort of peers and engage in pair programming and mock interviews.


Hosted AMAs, office hours, and online assessment practice sessions help get candidates comfortable with your process.

Share your branded program

Invite candidates to your branded website featuring open roles and interview prep program.

Add custom course content about your values, leadership principles, company-specific communication, and more.

Candidates can also discover your program through the Speak_ marketplace.

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We do the work for you

JD-based Curriculum

We extract hard and soft skill requirements from your job descriptions and generate customized curriculum.

Managed Program

Candidates join your online program to prepare for your online assessment and interview process.

Diverse Leads

We send you pre-qualified candidates to manage in your existing applicant tracking system.

The workforce of tomorrow

Our mission is to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of the world’s population. Together we can change the industry status quo.


Black & Latinx software engineering talent in the largest tech companies


Candidates not familiar with a company's hiring process before applying


Recruiters do not have time to look beyond a resume to assess candidates

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We're looking for progressive companies ready to prioritize diversity and bring inclusion to corporate hiring.

Key Benefits

  • Increase diversity hiring immediately
  • Optimize your interview-to-hire ratio by up to 50% for underrepresented talent
  • Save your recruiters an average of 14 hours each week (an estimated $42,000 per hire)

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