Transform Your Talent Ecosystem

Evaluate every candidate for any role using customizable signals. Identify top applicants in seconds, save valuable recruiting resources, and make the right hire every time.

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Candidate Signal at Scale

We automatically evaluate your entire pipeline to give recruiters and hiring teams precise signal on every candidate. Advance your quality of hire while reducing recruiting costs.

Speak_ Candidate Scoring

Asynchronous Talent Evaluation

Every candidate has an opportunity to stand out by addressing specific questions about their background  (which we identify with AI) and painting a better picture of who they are.

Amazing Candidate Experience

We believe the hiring journey has to be a two way street with mutual transparency and respect. Candidates love our AI backed interface and interview kits that guide them through the entire interview process, creating impactful engagement throughout your pipeline.

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Can AI fully replace human judgement in the hiring process? How can you ensure that the AI is unbiased and fair? Will relying on AI diminish recruiters' control over the hiring process?

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We’ve prepared 30,000+ candidates for interviews at top companies.

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of job seekers said that they would be more likely to apply for a job if the company had a transparent interview process (SHRM).


of job seekers said that they would be more likely to accept a job offer from a company with a transparent interview process (SHRM).


consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job—a 7% increase in the past five years (Careerarc).

Your partner in transparent hiring.

Showcase the human-focused values of your organization. Companies that establish good rapport with candidates are more likely to secure the talent they need. Top talent knows their value. Show them you do, too.

Heal broken hiring, humanize the process.

Empower hiring managers and talent acquisition teams. Your candidates will automatically and at all times know where they stand in the process and how to prepare, which saves your team time to focus on other important tasks.

Custom Interview Guides

Prepare your candidates for the interview journey ahead.

In-depth Preparation

Give candidates the tools to succeed in all of their interviews.

Company Culture Videos

Show candidates your organization before you even meet.

We use AI to...

Inclusively evaluate ALL candidates.
Improve DEI while finding the BEST candidates.
Find the perfect match for EVERY role.
Evaluate past candidates for future roles.
Create the perfect formula to find the standout candidates.
Empower recruiters to use AI to make more inclusive hires.

"Speak_ provided the structure and support to help hone my skills and, importantly, to gain confidence I needed to do well in a process that can often feel daunting and overwhelming. I truly can’t recommend the program enough, and strongly encourage you to apply and share with your friends!"

Laura R.
Computer Science Major - Northeastern University

“Speak_ was very crucial to my success in the interview process. I knew exactly the format and the timeline of the interview. Although I didn't get asked the leadership principles, I was well versed with them just because Speak_ prepares you exclusively for them. Last but not the least, the people at Speak_ are one of the most genuine supporters you would find throughout your interview journey. They are always there when you need them and always try to find a way to help you out.”

Shubhanker S.
Software Engineer

The amount of help and guidance you’ll get from the Speak_ team is unreal. They’re all friendly and push you to succeed.”

Menlik G.
Software and Data Engineer

AI for Recruitment

Our technology saves recruiters hours and helps them make better hires, faster.

• We use AI for DEI -- not against it.
• Fully compliant with laws around PII and AI.
• Accurate candidate scores based on YOUR criteria.
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