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Recruiters face a lot of problems. Speak_ can help.

There's never enough time.

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Speak_ evaluates candidates asynchronously, saving you hours of sifting through unsorted resumes looking for the good ones.

Resume review is prone to bias.

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You’ll remove the potential for unconscious bias by setting custom signals that teach our platform how to find the ideal candidate.

The resume pile is huge, but only a small percentage of them are qualified.

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Our technology will screen every resume using your custom signals and find the most qualified candidates more efficiently.

Speak_ Features

Set custom signals for candidate fit

Quickly use Speak_ to evaluate every resume

Integrate with your ATS for more control & automation

Insights about every candidate’s strengths & weaknesses

How Speak_ Works

1. Sign up for a free trial.

2. Add a job and customize your evaluation criteria.

3. Upload candidate resumes and LinkedIn profiles or connect your ATS.

4. Let Speak_ analyze and rank candidates based on your criteria.

5. Review top candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

What Our Users Say

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Senior Director, People Business Partner Lead

"A huge experiential impact."

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Dubi Ben-Shoham

Senior Director, Global Talent

"Speak_ is a major time-saver in the resume review process."

Streamlined Candidate Evaluation

Say goodbye to hours of manual resume screening. Speak_ leverages AI to evaluate candidates asynchronously, freeing up valuable time for recruiters to focus on high-priority tasks.

Reduced Bias

By removing the potential for unconscious bias in resume review, Speak_ ensures fair and objective candidate evaluation. Customizable signals teach the AI what to look for in every candidate, promoting diversity and inclusion in your hiring process.

Consistency in Evaluation

Standardizing evaluation criteria and workflows is essential for fair and consistent candidate assessment. Speak_'s AI-powered resume review maintains consistency across the hiring process, minimizing biases and ensuring fairness for all candidates.

Improved Hiring Decisions

Speak_ evaluates candidates at the very top of your funnel, helping you whittle down the list of applicants to the few who are truly qualified. Start your search with the best candidates

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Explore every feature of Speak_, from AI-powered resume screening to interview guide creation. There are no limits during your trial period – test it out as much as you like.

Data Security Guarantee

Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. Rest assured that you (and your candidates’) information is safe with us throughout your trial and beyond.

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