Defying the Black Hole of Hiring: Amazon Engineers That Made It

You're searching for your next engineer job. You find a company that you love and fill out an application. You hit 'send', and then...absolutely nothing happens. Not today, not tomorrow. Have you ever felt like your application just fell into a black hole? 🕳

A few hiring leaders at Amazon recognized this problem and decided to change the rules. They partnered with Speak_ to hire qualified, diverse talent, and in this story, we're going to celebrate the people who joined the Amazon team.

Let’s take a look at some recent Amazon hires who have landed their dream job after participating in cohort-based courses at Speak_.

(Listed in alphabetical order.)

Adesegun Adedeji

Adesegun Adedeji is a meticulous and collaborative professional solving complex problems in the tech world. He is proficient in Node.js, React, and HTML and he enjoys having a positive impact on others through technology. His thorough nature and the Speak_ program have helped him land a Software Engineer job at Amazon! Admirable work, Adesegun! (LinkedIn)

David Oquendo

David Oquendo is a motivated and versatile engineer, ready to use his skills in his work environment. He’s well-versed not only in full-stack application development, but also product and project management. His ambition and access to the Speak_ program helped him earn a job at Amazon! Fantastic job, David! (LinkedIn)

Eduardo Marin

Eduardo Marin loves growing both as a programmer and an individual. His proficiency in C++, Python, and Ruby is outstanding and has shown itself in his application developments. Through Speak_, he obtained full-time work at Amazon! Nice going, Eduardo! (LinkedIn)

Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez is a studious and creative tech professional, always looking to gain more experience in programming and web-development. She enjoys creating applications that are not just effective but also visually appealing. In her free time, she likes to watch series, explore the outdoors, play video games and draw. She is also a cat mom. Her desire to constantly improve her skills helped her earn a full-time Software Engineer job at Amazon Web Services through the Speak_ program! Beautiful work, Grace! (LinkedIn)

Hugo De Santiago

Hugo De Santiago is a productive and hard-working tech professional. He loves learning about data structures and algorithms, which enables him to improve his skills and work on new projects. With hard work, dedication, and the Speak_ interview prep program, Hugo was able to get a full-time Software Engineer job at Amazon! Hats off to you, Hugo! (LinkedIn)

Junho Hwang

Jun Hwang is a gifted software engineer, who’s explored different opportunities to utilize his talents. He has a passion for back-end systems and loves solving different tech issues. The combination of his tech skills and guidance from Speak_ scored him a full-time Software Development Engineer job at Amazon! Bravo, Jun! (LinkedIn)

Karina Pichardo

Karina Pichardo is a resourceful engineer who is not just interested in Computer Science and Data Science but also Cognitive Science. This unique combination has allowed her to explore her potential in web design, data structures, and Computational Models of Cognition. Her background in UX research makes her an outstanding tech professional who landed a full-time Software Developer Engineer job at Amazon Web Services through Speak_! Stellar work, Karina! (LinkedIn)

Kevin Arellano

Kevin Arellano is a bright engineer. He’s able to learn about web application development, client server systems, and more through his various personal projects. His ability to adapt and learn new skills has helped him land a Software Development Engineer Apprenticeship at Amazon Web Services through the Speak_ program! Great effort, Kevin! (LinkedIn)

Mario Cuevas-Rodriguez

Mario Cuevas-Rodriguez is an apt tech professional. He is very experienced in HTML, SPL, CSS, and more. He scored a full-time Software Development Engineer job at Amazon Web Services with his brilliance and the Speak_ program! Great job, Mario! (LinkedIn)

Maxime Sutters

Maxime Sutters’s years of studying Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Engineering have not gone to waste in his career. His recent interests lie in VR/AR, FPGA programming, and computer vision. With his expertise and the Speak_ program, he has scored a full-time Software Engineer Apprentice job at Amazon Web Services. Way to go, Maxime! (LinkedIn)

Mohammad Khalaf

Mohammad Khalaf is a proactive and dedicated software engineer. His interests in computer science, data science, and research have given him the opportunity to build on his skills in data structures, programming, HTML, and more. Working with Speak_, he landed a full-time Software Development Engineer job at Amazon Web Services! Impressive work, Mohammad! (LinkedIn)

Rohit Choudhary

Rohit Choudhary is proficient in NodeJS, JavaScript, and Web Development. He loves using his tech skills to work on new ideas, including MERN stack which is a JavaScript stack that makes the deployment of full-stack web applications easier and faster. Thanks to his software engineering skills and the help of Speak_, he’s secured a job at Amazon! Kudos to you, Rohit! (LinkedIn)

Samir Ingle

Samir Ingle is a fast learner who excels in collaborative environments. He has a great deal of experience in coding and amazing leadership qualities that have not gone unnoticed. His capabilities and the Speak_ program have helped him land a full-time Software Engineer job at Amazon Web Services! Good job, Samir! (LinkedIn)

Sanjana Jonnalagadda

Sanjana Jonnalagadda is a multifaceted individual who is eager about coding. Her skills are in Python, Java, and program development and she loves sharing her knowledge. With the guidance of Speak_, she has landed a full-time Software Development Engineer job at Amazon! Outstanding job, Sanjana! (LinkedIn)

Shubhanker Singh

Shubhanker Singh is extremely passionate about technology and wants to use his skills to change the world. His interest in web development in high school sparked his growth in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. And with the help of Speak_, he crushed his interview and landed a full-time Software Engineer job at Amazon. Go, Shubhanker! (LinkedIn)

Tatiana Pardenilla

Tatiana Pardenilla is a committed tech professional, passionate about social impact projects. She prides herself in being a first gen Mexican American software engineer and is looking to build on her capabilities as such. Her talents, and the encouragement of Speak_, have landed her a full-time Software Engineer job at Amazon! We applaud you, Tatiana! (LinkedIn)

Victor Luna

Victor Luna is a software developer who is expanding his knowledge within the tech field. His love for learning has allowed him to become versatile in Java and Python. The Speak_ program and his professionalism have earned him a full-time Software Development Engineer job at Amazon Web Services! Phenomenal, Victor! (LinkedIn)

Wilny Duong

Wilny Duong is a diligent tech professional. His interests lie in data analytics and software development, and he wishes to take his experience in different programming languages like Python and JavaScript and put them to good use. He teamed up with Speak_ to help get him a job at Amazon! Cheers to you, Wilny! (LinkedIn)

And a special shoutout to the many candidates who got hired recently at Amazon but that we didn't have room to feature here. We're so excited for you and proud to have been a helpful part of your journey! 🚀

Menelik G., Sandeep M., Rudy C., Cao M., Okpala CW., Adedotun A., Fernando V., Thao P., Youssef L., Marzhan B., James B., Paulo AS., Harman B., McCauley M., Rutvik P., Jane A., Jocelyn A., Alex R., Tony P., Vinny T., Joseph G., Michelle G., Joseph M., Victoria S., William M., Anna Z., Abdulrehman B., David E., Kenia N., Pranav B., Duc Anh N., Abishek K., Ian S., Thar H., Sarang N., Lily K., Tony C., Tran T., Cathy H., Janardhan PC., Damiloa G., Albert D., Osvaldo M., Brian R., Khanh N., Danial E., Khadijah F., Lam N., Nikita MS., Simay Y., Heather L., Ricardo R., Pragya C., Ugurcan D., Christina C., Jerico F., Ada W., Chi N., Maneesha P., Nimesh C., Harsha VK., Neil Y., Harman W., Buk M., Leo L., Andrew V., Neil H., Hanny A., Jason P., Jose Carlos A., Dinh U., Allison T., Bryan J., Hung N., Andreas P., Anup A., Dinesh J., Fernando S., Hayden M., Kevin A., Prakriti K., Sanjana J., Susana, O., Vanessa P., Benjamin O., and more!

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